LDR Advice

Coping with a long distance relationship can be extremely challenging at times and nobody wants to be so far away from the person they love. Learn how to increase your chances of maintaining a long distance relationship.

LDR Romance

It may seem difficult to be romantic if you’re thousands of miles away from your partner, but in fact there are several ways of maintaining a romantic relationship. Discover exactly how to keep the romance burning in your LDR now.

Key to Making it Work

Do you believe that long distance dating can work? The key is to set parameters in your relationship that will meet the expectations of both parties; if that can be achieved, then your long distance relationship will succeed.

Long Distance Relationship Guide

The Secret of Long Distance Dating Success

Distance can put extreme strain upon a relationship, whether you met online or have been separated because of employment and life changes. Regardless of why you are so far apart from your partner, the fact still remains it is HARD! Anybody who has ever been in a long... read more

Do You Believe That Long Distance Dating Can Work?

When it comes to dating, it’s not always easy to find the right person to connect with. So what if you do find someone but they happen to live thousands of miles away? Is it possible to maintain a relationship with that person? Can dating long distance work?... read more

Long Distance Relationship Guide to Love

Maybe you met on the internet or one of you is getting deployed overseas for awhile. Regardless of why you are away from your significant other, distance can be a deal breaker. It’s estimated that the average long distance relationship lasts about two weeks even with... read more

What is the Key to Staying Connected in a LDR?

One of the secrets of long distance relationships that are successful is maintaining a regular connection. If you’re not staying connected with each other on a regular basis, you might find you drift apart from one another. Of course, like any relationship you... read more