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The Secret of Long Distance Dating Success

The Secret of Long Distance Dating Success

Distance can put extreme strain upon a relationship, whether you met online or have been separated because of employment and life changes. Regardless of why you are so far apart from your partner, the fact still remains it is HARD! Anybody who has ever been in a long distance relationship for a long period of time will tell you that it takes extreme dedication and trust.

Distance, over time, will show you how much a person truly cares for you, or how much you truly care for that person. They say that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This is without a doubt very true, but distance can also put too much strain upon a part of your relationship that may already be weak and destroy it. Distance will exploit a relationship’s weaknesses, but it doesn’t have to break it.

Dedication to another human being is something extremely special, and showing that to your long distance significant other is one of the many secrets of long distance dating.

To verbalize and show through actions that you are 100% dedicated to the long distance relationship will automatically let the other person know they can trust you. Dedication and trust really do go hand in hand, and trust is the foundation of all good relationships.

If a couple does not trust each other, it just won’t work out. That is pretty much the bottom line. Without trust there is no relationship. Distance will inevitably start to sow doubt in the minds of both parties.

This is absolutely normal and should be no cause for alarm. Just remember trust is the key, and communication is the hand that turns the key. Allow for open and honest communication and your fears will be alleviated almost immediately.

If you doubt something about the relationship or you’re just feeling neglected…TALK ABOUT IT. That is the best and only way to get through the mistrust distance will inevitably breed.

Let your significant other know how you are feeling and listen to how they are feeling. That will get you over many of the challenging obstacles in a long distance relationship.

The secret to long distant relationships is extremely straight forward. KEEP IT STRAIGHTFORWARD! Keep the communication straightforward and honest, and there really is no obstacle that you can’t get over.

This tried and true secret will get you through the best and worst of times. Just remember to keep it not just open, but also HONEST. Honesty really is the best policy and it will get you extremely far, not only in relationships but in life. If you and your partner stay honest with each other throughout your long distance relationship, you will both feel comforted and involved.

If you stick by these long distance dating guidelines, (and stay physically in line!) you will be back in the arms of your significant other in no time at all, and in that moment you will realize why you put up with all the feelings of loneliness in the past.

LDR military

Are You Seeking Military Long Distance Relationship Advice?

Military couples go through an unrecognized heartache that few can relate to. When a loved one leaves for war there really is no telling if he or she will ever come home, and the last thing they should be worrying about is whether or not their spouse or loved one will stick by their side.

Military long distance relationship advice is sought by many and followed by few. Far too many “Dear John” letters are sent and received everyday by active military personnel on the battlefield. This can cause extreme emotional distress and heartache.

Hope is not lost though; many couples make it through such hard times by following military long distance relationship advice. It may seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t all that challenging with the right help and tools.

Distance in general carries a lot of fear with it. There is an overwhelming sense of dread with the thought of so much separation.

Not to mention longing for affection, getting lonely, or fearing the worst. These are all emotions that distance can trigger. The key is to bridge the gap emotionally; even when it is impossible to be together physically.

Romantic letters can be lifesavers when it comes to long distance relationships. It’s an even better idea to keep each other’s letters so when you hit rough patches you can go back and read the letters again.

It can brighten a cloudy day when you read an old love letter, and for soldiers on the battlefield they are like small nuggets of gold from home. A surprise love letter can boost a soldier’s morale from down in the dumps to “OOOOOO-RAAH” READY to GO.

The military long distance relationship advice wouldn’t be complete without mentioning video chatting. Video chatting can bring two people together into the same room – who are on opposite sides of the globe, and nowadays most warzone bases do have at least one video chat enabled computer available to the soldiers.

Many long distance military relationships swear by video chatting as a means of comfort as well as ordinary communication.

The added fear of death and ultimate separation is something only other military spouses can relate to. This is exactly why it is a great idea to start forming a support group; people who can relate to the situation your relationship is in, and help you cope. In good times as well as tough times it’s wonderful to have a support group there to help you get through the distance and the stress.

Long distance relationships are hard to begin with, but when you start talking about military long distance relationships they are in a whole league of their own. The hardships that military couples have to endure for each other are amazing to say the least. From the outside it seems impossible. It may seem like an impossible task at times, but it is doable when you follow the correct military long distance relationship advice and apply it correctly.

Long Distance Dating Advice

Do You Believe That Long Distance Dating Can Work?

When it comes to dating, it’s not always easy to find the right person to connect with. So what if you do find someone but they happen to live thousands of miles away? Is it possible to maintain a relationship with that person? Can dating long distance work?

When you’re deciding if you want to get into a relationship with someone, your number one priority is finding someone who you connect with; initially the distance from which they live from you is secondary. Distance does become a factor if you live too far away from the person you’re dating to see them enough to keep you satisfied.

Dating long distance generally means that you’re not going to be able to meet the person face to face on a regular basis. How often you can meet depends upon various factors; the distance you live from one another, schedules and the cost, just to name a few.

Long Distance Dating Tips:
How to make a long distance relationship work

Long distance dating can work. After all, if you find the right person, why should you let your distance from them ruin your relationship?

The key is to set parameters in the relationship that will meet the expectations of both parties; if that can be achieved, then your long distance relationship can succeed.

There is plenty of hard work to be done to make a long distance relationship succeed. If you’re willing to make certain commitments there is no reason why your relationship can’t go from strength to strength.

Of course both parties have to be free of jealousy and have complete trust for one another, but in essence, these are qualities that any relationship should contain anyway. You will need to maintain regular communication, both on the telephone and written. You should always be looking to do things together, even if you’re not physically together.

Watch the same movie and talk about it afterwards; it’s what you would do if you were together. Buy gifts to remind each other that you’re still thinking of one another. Make sure you always talk about the future to ensure you’re both happy and on the same page as far as where the relationship is going.

There is absolutely no reason why dating long distance can’t work and actually prosper. Sometimes the distance can actually make you stronger and appreciate your time together even more when you do meet in person. Your loved one is always worth working for, regardless of the physical distance between you.

Long Distance Relationship Guide

Long Distance Relationship Guide to Love

Maybe you met on the internet or one of you is getting deployed overseas for awhile. Regardless of why you are away from your significant other, distance can be a deal breaker.

It’s estimated that the average long distance relationship lasts about two weeks even with the help of a long distance relationship guide.

It’s a tough fact to face but distance and separation can bring up a lot of bad emotions and comes with its share of temptations. However, there are things that every couple can do to increase their long distance relationship love chances.

The basis of all relationships is trust, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that trust is the number one most important thing when it comes to long distance relationships. Without trust there is no foundation for the relationship to grow on.

Mistrust can also breed other emotions such as jealousy and doubt and once those two emotions become involved it is just a matter of time before the relationship crumbles. On the other hand, if trust is present in a relationship then it can grow to be strong and healthy.

Trust comes hand in hand with honesty. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to any relationship, but especially to long distance relationships.

If both partners are one hundred percent honest then the level of stress involved with the distance will diminish, and the time apart will feel like minutes. Keep it honest and straightforward and you won’t run into an obstacle you can’t overcome.

Keeping it fresh and new is just as important as keeping things one hundred percent honest. Send care packages or schedule some “fun” time on the video chat. These little things will brighten up your loved ones day and put your relationship instantly at priority number one. Keep it interesting and fresh and you can’t go wrong.

Talk about the future with your lover as often as possible. It’s easy to run out of happy times to talk about in the past so looking forward is your best bet. Everyone needs something to look forward to when they are lonely and feeling blue.

Start making plans for when you are reunited; talk about the things you enjoy doing as a couple. It’s always comforting to have good times to look forward to when you are feeling neglected.

There really is no long distance relationship manual. A long distance relationship guide isn’t a one size fits all kind of a deal. You must gather as much advice and tools as possible and choose the ones that will best benefit your relationship and your situation.

You can get all the advice and tools you want and you still may fail in your efforts. It really depends on whether or not both people in the relationship are willing to put forth the effort necessary to counteract the stress created by the distance.

Your long distance love will be tested. Your will will be tested and your bond may bend, but if you can stay strong and fight through it, you will eventually hold your loved one in your arms once again.

What is the Key to Staying Connected in a Long Distance Relationship?

What is the Key to Staying Connected in a LDR?

One of the secrets of long distance relationships that are successful is maintaining a regular connection. If you’re not staying connected with each other on a regular basis, you might find you drift apart from one another.

Of course, like any relationship you shouldn’t be talking all the time, everyone needs their free space. You should however, be looking to have at least some daily contact when you’re in a long distance relationship.

The good news is, there is an abundance of ways for you to stay in contact with one another. You have telephone, text message, e-mail, instant messenger and physical letters. An assortment of all methods would work best, as different forms of correspondence are better for different occasions.

If you need to talk, your obvious choice is going to be over the phone. If you’re sending a short message, for example when you wake up before work, text message will suffice. E-Mails are good when you’re writing a message that is long and thought provoking, while there is no method more personal than a physical written letter.

Generally you will want to find the balance between communicating enough with your partner and under or over communicating with them. Ask your partner how often they want to talk with you over the phone and tell them if you agree or disagree. Be honest with each other and strike a balance; ideally you should both want at least daily contact.

Once you agree how often you’re going to talk on the phone, set some time aside daily when you can focus primarily on the call. You’re not going to want distractions when you’re talking to a loved one and if your partner detects your mind is elsewhere, they may feel neglected. Use your other connection mediums like e-mails and texts around phone calls for purposes like jokes or flirting.

In conclusion, always ask your partner regularly if they are happy with communication patterns. Ask your partner if they feel you are talking too often, too little or just enough.

There is no recipe for the exact right amount of communication in long distance relationships because everyone is different. Just make sure you’re both happy and always in contact at least once per day in some form or fashion.

LDR Advice

Long Distance Relationship Conversations to Stay Close

Long distance relationships are usually not very easy for either party involved, but it can be comforting to know that someone loves you enough to go through such a labor of love.

There is really no way of describing how one feels hugging the one they love when they have been apart for an extended period of time. There are many obstacles that must be overcome before that joyous and spectacular moment can actually come to reality. The major obstacle that most couples have when being far apart for extended periods of time is the obstacle of being able to have a meaningful conversation.

Long distance conversations will become harder and harder the longer that two parties are apart. The couple will usually have trouble relating to each other, and this is purely because the inability of both parties to be actually physically involved in the other person’s life.

This isn’t the end of it. There are ways to overcome this obstacle. One popular way is to just increase the volume of conversations throughout the day. Not necessarily increase the phone conversations, but maybe video chat or even write a long email. This increased time spent on the relationship will make both parties feel more involved in the daily life of their partner.

This theory usually does help when implemented properly and over time. Increased LDR conversation right away may overwhelm one or both of the partners and they may start to feel smothered, and everybody knows that can just breed destruction!

Increased long distance conversation is a good way of staying involved in each others’ daily lives, but the conversations must also hold meaning. Meaning can be hard to maintain, because sometimes there just isn’t much to talk about! In times of low action or feelings of disconnection try and reminisce about the good times that you have shared in the past, and begin planning for future good times together.

This can help bring a couple closer together almost instantly. Past times can recenter the couple’s focus, and let each party remember why they are still involved in such a hard relationship.

Future plans can give a light at the end of the tunnel. Without anything to look forward to there is really not that much incentive to stay together. These two things are relationship savers when it comes to long distance relationships.

Conversing about the good times in the past and the good times to come can really help any relationship that is struggling with “content” if you will, but the key to the long distance relationship is just to hang in there.

When times get rough, because they will, the best thing to remember is the moment that is to come. The moment when you get to wrap your arms around each other and feel the warmth of each others’ bodies.

That moment is undeniably worth all the hardships and obstacles that face couples involved in long distance relationships.

How Do You Cope With a Long Distance Relationship?

How Do You Cope With a Long Distance Relationship?

So life has thrown you a bit of a curveball, and your significant other and yourself will have to be far apart for a long period of time. There are certain ways to cope with a long distance relationship. There are many schools of thought on how to cope, but there are some tried and true methods that should work for just about any situation.

The number one thing to do is to fill your time. The more time you are alone and not doing anything, the more time you have to think about the distance between you and your loved one. This can prove to be toxic.

Yes, you heard me right; too much thinking can in fact be toxic to a LDR relationship. Too much thinking brews up jealousy and mistrust, two emotions that should be avoided at any cost.

Just keep yourself busy while you are away from your partner, and you will reduce the risk of introducing these and other poisonous emotions.

If mistrust or jealousy begins to brew in your head, it must be stopped immediately before it destroys the relationship. To cope with a long distance relationship you must deal with the emotions that come along with it.

The only way to stop jealousy and mistrust from growing into something that can ruin the relationship is to address it through open and honest communication with your significant other. LDR communication obviously can’t be done face to face, but using video chat is usually close enough.

Video chatting personalizes things a bit more than phone calls because you can see and read body language and facial expressions, and everyone knows that language is eighty percent non verbal. Take the time to express yourself and how you are feeling to your partner, and don’t let it build up inside.

Allowing for honest communication between partners is one of the best ways to cut off the poisonous emotions as well as comforting your long distance loved one. Just having a conversation daily with your lover can help ease the stress of the distance.

This will help both parties cope with the long distance relationship. Bring comfort to your loved one through honest communication daily and they will never forget you or find someone else.

Comfort can also be found in the fact that the separation is temporary, and that it won’t last forever. In times of doubt and loneliness try and look towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Long distance relationships aren’t the best situation to find yourself in, but when you do, the only way to cope with a LDR is to squash the bad emotions and stay true.

If both parties can stay open and honest, half the battle is already over. Then it falls to the individuals to keep themselves occupied during the long time apart. Stay true to yourself and to your significant other and there is no amount of distance or time that will keep you apart.

Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship – KISS!

Most everyone in their life has had the opportunity to enter into a long distance relationship, but only a few brave souls are willing to jump head first into one. Even fewer couples will survive them.

Maintaining a long distance relationship can be extremely challenging at times. Nobody wants to be so far away from the person they love, but maybe a career or personal goals have created some major distance.

It doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship. There are things that a couple can do that will help increase their chances of maintaining a long distance relationship.

5 Tips to Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

  1. Talk or communicate everyday: This is extremely important to a long distance relationship’s survival over the short and long term. By talking or communicating everyday with your partner, it lets them know how important they are to you. It also helps ease fears of infidelity and separation.

  3. Priorities: The relationship must be priority number one. If one party in the relationship feels like something else is taking precedence over them, this will only breed jealousy, and everybody knows jealousy will ruin a relationship faster than just about any other emotion. Both parties are responsible for making the relationship number one in their lives. If this is done, there shouldn’t be a problem in maintaining a long distance relationship.

  5. Have something to look forward to: Know the exact date and time you will see your significant other. It may be a month or it may be a year, but knowing that moment is coming will help you and your partner get through the tough times. Just think of it as delayed gratification.

  7. Trust: The foundation of any relationship. Trust is extremely important in any relationship, but it becomes absolutely paramount when it comes to maintaining a long distance relationship. If you can’t trust your partner or your partner can’t trust you, it is just a matter of time before someone cheats, or someone gets jealous and accuses the other of cheating. This mistrust and jealousy is a poison, and usually spells the beginning of the end for just about any relationship whether it is long distance or not.

  9. Make plans for after your reunion: The feeling you get when you can finally hold each other close after a long period of time is priceless and indescribable, but even more important are the first couple of hours after that moment. Whether it is a nice dinner out or just spending all day in the bedroom, making plans can ease the anxiety and clear the air during that emotionally charged time.

Following these five steps will only get you so far in maintaining a long distance relationship. There has to be a willingness from both partners to push through the distance and loneliness.

When times get tough and you really think your relationship isn’t going to make it, take a step back and put things in perspective, and most importantly, let your significant other know how much you love them.

How to Cope With a Long Distance Relationship Successfully

How to Cope With a Long Distance Relationship Successfully

A long distance relationship can be stressful. How do you maintain the feelings and romance? How can the relationship grow? How can you develop and take the relationship to the next level? Answering all of these questions in your mind is very difficult.

The first thing to remember is love itself is never easy. Long distance relationships are even more difficult. If you struggle with trusting your partner then inevitably you will struggle to cope with them being away.

However, if you lack trust in your partner, why are you with them in the first place? Trust is an issue you need to establish, ask yourself, if your partner wants to maintain a long distance relationship with you, why wouldn’t you trust them?

You need to talk to your partner open and honestly about everything you have on your mind. Ensure that both of you promise to be completely honest from the offset and discuss all of the doubts that you have. Agree on certain rules and make sure you both follow through with them, complacency will lead to doubts from one side or another.

Agree that if you have any doubts arise as the relationship progresses that you will discuss them immediately. Both parties should agree on that, if you bottle things up your partner will probably detect that there is something wrong. Denial will hinder the growth of your relationship.

Communicate with each other regularly, at least once every day. Find out what your partner has done on that day. You should always be learning more about your partner each day that passes. If you ever think that it’s going the other way and you don’t feel you know your partner as well as you did the day before, increase communication.

Agree to meet up on a set number of dates every year and do whatever you have to do to stick to it. By setting these dates you will have something to aim for. If you miss the dates then your partner will wonder why, are they aren’t important enough? If you can’t stick to the dates, don’t make them in the first place.

Long distance relationships are difficult to cope with, but it is possible. If you set your goals from the start, always remain honest with each other and make a ton of effort to ensure your partner feels loved and cherished, you’re half way there. Always remember that the person you love is worth making sacrifices for.

Facts about a First Long Distance Relationship

Facts about a First Long Distance Relationship

Since the arrival of the Internet, many people utilize the Internet on a daily basis for business or pleasure. Many of the social networks that have been developed over the years have come into the forefront as a way for meeting people. This is, for many, the start of their first long distance relationship.

Although this type of relationship is slightly different than those we are more traditionally accustomed to, many people actually like getting to know people from all over the world.

Many do form a romantic relationship with someone over the Internet who might not live in their town, state or even the same country for that matter. Although it may not be something you are interested in, many people are.

A long distance relationship does offer something that perhaps a close at hand relationship does not, and that is time. When committing to a relationship that is with a person that does not live in your state or country, there is a lot of time to build the relationship from the ground up.

Trust is an important issue in any relationship and you have lots of time to really get to know the person you are in a long distance relationship with. Some other benefits of a LDR is not having the sometimes suffocating, bogged down feeling that you don’t have any free time for yourself.

With a long distance relationship, you can go out and visit friends and family, or do something that you enjoy without feeling trapped. This, of course, does not mean to be unfaithful to the partner you are in the relationship with.

But you are free to enjoy doing things you’re interested in without having to do something that is only of interest to your partner. In a relationship of this type you also do not have the added pressure that some people face to take the relationship to another level.

This allows the chance for the relationship to grow without the pressure of actually living together. Many people get into a relationship rather quickly and decide to live together without learning all the characteristics of the partner involved.

Moving in together and taking the relationship to another level can sometimes break up the relationship before it has a chance to really blossom. The stress of co-habitating can cause a break up, especially when certain faults become apparent only after you’re living together.

Any type of relationship can work, whether it is a close contact relationship or your first long distance relationship. The fact of the matter is that in order for any relationship to work, you have to build up trust, honesty, faith, and commitment.

These things do not happen in an instant, but build up over a period of time. This, of course, is something a LDR has an abundance of. No pressure to move to the next level, nor the cramping of your personal space.

If you are thinking about involving yourself in any relationship, trust in each other is the most important thing that both parties should have.

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