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The Secret of Long Distance Dating Success

The Secret of Long Distance Dating Success

Distance can put extreme strain upon a relationship, whether you met online or have been separated because of employment and life changes. Regardless of why you are so far apart from your partner, the fact still remains it is HARD! Anybody who has ever been in a long distance relationship for a long period of time will tell you that it takes extreme dedication and trust.

Distance, over time, will show you how much a person truly cares for you, or how much you truly care for that person. They say that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This is without a doubt very true, but distance can also put too much strain upon a part of your relationship that may already be weak and destroy it. Distance will exploit a relationship’s weaknesses, but it doesn’t have to break it.

Dedication to another human being is something extremely special, and showing that to your long distance significant other is one of the many secrets of long distance dating.

To verbalize and show through actions that you are 100% dedicated to the long distance relationship will automatically let the other person know they can trust you. Dedication and trust really do go hand in hand, and trust is the foundation of all good relationships.

If a couple does not trust each other, it just won’t work out. That is pretty much the bottom line. Without trust there is no relationship. Distance will inevitably start to sow doubt in the minds of both parties.

This is absolutely normal and should be no cause for alarm. Just remember trust is the key, and communication is the hand that turns the key. Allow for open and honest communication and your fears will be alleviated almost immediately.

If you doubt something about the relationship or you’re just feeling neglected…TALK ABOUT IT. That is the best and only way to get through the mistrust distance will inevitably breed.

Let your significant other know how you are feeling and listen to how they are feeling. That will get you over many of the challenging obstacles in a long distance relationship.

The secret to long distant relationships is extremely straight forward. KEEP IT STRAIGHTFORWARD! Keep the communication straightforward and honest, and there really is no obstacle that you can’t get over.

This tried and true secret will get you through the best and worst of times. Just remember to keep it not just open, but also HONEST. Honesty really is the best policy and it will get you extremely far, not only in relationships but in life. If you and your partner stay honest with each other throughout your long distance relationship, you will both feel comforted and involved.

If you stick by these long distance dating guidelines, (and stay physically in line!) you will be back in the arms of your significant other in no time at all, and in that moment you will realize why you put up with all the feelings of loneliness in the past.

Long Distance Dating Advice

Do You Believe That Long Distance Dating Can Work?

When it comes to dating, it’s not always easy to find the right person to connect with. So what if you do find someone but they happen to live thousands of miles away? Is it possible to maintain a relationship with that person? Can dating long distance work?

When you’re deciding if you want to get into a relationship with someone, your number one priority is finding someone who you connect with; initially the distance from which they live from you is secondary. Distance does become a factor if you live too far away from the person you’re dating to see them enough to keep you satisfied.

Dating long distance generally means that you’re not going to be able to meet the person face to face on a regular basis. How often you can meet depends upon various factors; the distance you live from one another, schedules and the cost, just to name a few.

Long Distance Dating Tips:
How to make a long distance relationship work

Long distance dating can work. After all, if you find the right person, why should you let your distance from them ruin your relationship?

The key is to set parameters in the relationship that will meet the expectations of both parties; if that can be achieved, then your long distance relationship can succeed.

There is plenty of hard work to be done to make a long distance relationship succeed. If you’re willing to make certain commitments there is no reason why your relationship can’t go from strength to strength.

Of course both parties have to be free of jealousy and have complete trust for one another, but in essence, these are qualities that any relationship should contain anyway. You will need to maintain regular communication, both on the telephone and written. You should always be looking to do things together, even if you’re not physically together.

Watch the same movie and talk about it afterwards; it’s what you would do if you were together. Buy gifts to remind each other that you’re still thinking of one another. Make sure you always talk about the future to ensure you’re both happy and on the same page as far as where the relationship is going.

There is absolutely no reason why dating long distance can’t work and actually prosper. Sometimes the distance can actually make you stronger and appreciate your time together even more when you do meet in person. Your loved one is always worth working for, regardless of the physical distance between you.