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Long Distance Dating Advice

Do You Believe That Long Distance Dating Can Work?

When it comes to dating, it’s not always easy to find the right person to connect with. So what if you do find someone but they happen to live thousands of miles away? Is it possible to maintain a relationship with that person? Can dating long distance work?

When you’re deciding if you want to get into a relationship with someone, your number one priority is finding someone who you connect with; initially the distance from which they live from you is secondary. Distance does become a factor if you live too far away from the person you’re dating to see them enough to keep you satisfied.

Dating long distance generally means that you’re not going to be able to meet the person face to face on a regular basis. How often you can meet depends upon various factors; the distance you live from one another, schedules and the cost, just to name a few.

Long Distance Dating Tips:
How to make a long distance relationship work

Long distance dating can work. After all, if you find the right person, why should you let your distance from them ruin your relationship?

The key is to set parameters in the relationship that will meet the expectations of both parties; if that can be achieved, then your long distance relationship can succeed.

There is plenty of hard work to be done to make a long distance relationship succeed. If you’re willing to make certain commitments there is no reason why your relationship can’t go from strength to strength.

Of course both parties have to be free of jealousy and have complete trust for one another, but in essence, these are qualities that any relationship should contain anyway. You will need to maintain regular communication, both on the telephone and written. You should always be looking to do things together, even if you’re not physically together.

Watch the same movie and talk about it afterwards; it’s what you would do if you were together. Buy gifts to remind each other that you’re still thinking of one another. Make sure you always talk about the future to ensure you’re both happy and on the same page as far as where the relationship is going.

There is absolutely no reason why dating long distance can’t work and actually prosper. Sometimes the distance can actually make you stronger and appreciate your time together even more when you do meet in person. Your loved one is always worth working for, regardless of the physical distance between you.

Long distance love

Is it Possible to Have a Successful Long Distance Romance?

Hundreds of thousands of people are participating in long distance dating and marriages…and many long distance relationships are successful. However, is it possible to have a long distance romance?

It may seem difficult to be romantic if you’re thousands of miles away from your partner, but in actual fact there are several ways of maintaining a romantic relationship, even if you’re miles apart from each other.

Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean romance has to be dead. Long distance love and romance can have the same ingredients as any other relationship, you just have to communicate your affections in different ways.

So just how exactly do you keep that romance burning? Pretty much the same way as you would if you lived together. Send a sexy photo of yourself to your partner, and if they reply with a sexy photo of their own, be complimentary and flirtatious.

Do the same if you see them on webcam, just because you’re using technology to communicate it doesn’t mean you can’t be natural in your actions.

Chances are you’re going to be communicating with each other both over the phone and in writing. Writing a love message to your partner everyday is a nice touch. Tell your partner how much you’re missing them and why you want to see them or just about anything that will make them feel good.

If you’re creative, write a poem or draw a picture, and including personal messages will have additional value. Mention often the good times from previous meetings and if you have some, send old photos of the two of you together. Try to always be creative, and think of something new to say everyday that passes.

Surprises are the key to any romance. Surprise your partner with gifts. Gifts don’t have to always be expensive; small personal gifts that you’ve thought long and hard about will be really appreciated.

When it comes to being romantic, it really is the thought, rather than the value, that counts. Surprise your partner with a visit if you can, or the ultimate surprise, a visit and a gift.

Create an agenda for every telephone call you make, after all, there is nothing worse than spending time in awkward silence.
Call when a romantic movie is scheduled on TV and watch it together. Set times to have a date over the phone where you’ll watch a movie or a TV show.

Even playing a game together online can be romantic; just play while you’re both on the webcam if you want to spice it up a little bit.

Romance is far from dead in a long distance relationship. Just be yourself and use the tools at your disposal and you can easily be just as romantic as anyone else.

LDR Advice

Long Distance Relationship Conversations to Stay Close

Long distance relationships are usually not very easy for either party involved, but it can be comforting to know that someone loves you enough to go through such a labor of love.

There is really no way of describing how one feels hugging the one they love when they have been apart for an extended period of time. There are many obstacles that must be overcome before that joyous and spectacular moment can actually come to reality. The major obstacle that most couples have when being far apart for extended periods of time is the obstacle of being able to have a meaningful conversation.

Long distance conversations will become harder and harder the longer that two parties are apart. The couple will usually have trouble relating to each other, and this is purely because the inability of both parties to be actually physically involved in the other person’s life.

This isn’t the end of it. There are ways to overcome this obstacle. One popular way is to just increase the volume of conversations throughout the day. Not necessarily increase the phone conversations, but maybe video chat or even write a long email. This increased time spent on the relationship will make both parties feel more involved in the daily life of their partner.

This theory usually does help when implemented properly and over time. Increased LDR conversation right away may overwhelm one or both of the partners and they may start to feel smothered, and everybody knows that can just breed destruction!

Increased long distance conversation is a good way of staying involved in each others’ daily lives, but the conversations must also hold meaning. Meaning can be hard to maintain, because sometimes there just isn’t much to talk about! In times of low action or feelings of disconnection try and reminisce about the good times that you have shared in the past, and begin planning for future good times together.

This can help bring a couple closer together almost instantly. Past times can recenter the couple’s focus, and let each party remember why they are still involved in such a hard relationship.

Future plans can give a light at the end of the tunnel. Without anything to look forward to there is really not that much incentive to stay together. These two things are relationship savers when it comes to long distance relationships.

Conversing about the good times in the past and the good times to come can really help any relationship that is struggling with “content” if you will, but the key to the long distance relationship is just to hang in there.

When times get rough, because they will, the best thing to remember is the moment that is to come. The moment when you get to wrap your arms around each other and feel the warmth of each others’ bodies.

That moment is undeniably worth all the hardships and obstacles that face couples involved in long distance relationships.

How Do You Cope With a Long Distance Relationship?

How Do You Cope With a Long Distance Relationship?

So life has thrown you a bit of a curveball, and your significant other and yourself will have to be far apart for a long period of time. There are certain ways to cope with a long distance relationship. There are many schools of thought on how to cope, but there are some tried and true methods that should work for just about any situation.

The number one thing to do is to fill your time. The more time you are alone and not doing anything, the more time you have to think about the distance between you and your loved one. This can prove to be toxic.

Yes, you heard me right; too much thinking can in fact be toxic to a LDR relationship. Too much thinking brews up jealousy and mistrust, two emotions that should be avoided at any cost.

Just keep yourself busy while you are away from your partner, and you will reduce the risk of introducing these and other poisonous emotions.

If mistrust or jealousy begins to brew in your head, it must be stopped immediately before it destroys the relationship. To cope with a long distance relationship you must deal with the emotions that come along with it.

The only way to stop jealousy and mistrust from growing into something that can ruin the relationship is to address it through open and honest communication with your significant other. LDR communication obviously can’t be done face to face, but using video chat is usually close enough.

Video chatting personalizes things a bit more than phone calls because you can see and read body language and facial expressions, and everyone knows that language is eighty percent non verbal. Take the time to express yourself and how you are feeling to your partner, and don’t let it build up inside.

Allowing for honest communication between partners is one of the best ways to cut off the poisonous emotions as well as comforting your long distance loved one. Just having a conversation daily with your lover can help ease the stress of the distance.

This will help both parties cope with the long distance relationship. Bring comfort to your loved one through honest communication daily and they will never forget you or find someone else.

Comfort can also be found in the fact that the separation is temporary, and that it won’t last forever. In times of doubt and loneliness try and look towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Long distance relationships aren’t the best situation to find yourself in, but when you do, the only way to cope with a LDR is to squash the bad emotions and stay true.

If both parties can stay open and honest, half the battle is already over. Then it falls to the individuals to keep themselves occupied during the long time apart. Stay true to yourself and to your significant other and there is no amount of distance or time that will keep you apart.

Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship – KISS!

Most everyone in their life has had the opportunity to enter into a long distance relationship, but only a few brave souls are willing to jump head first into one. Even fewer couples will survive them.

Maintaining a long distance relationship can be extremely challenging at times. Nobody wants to be so far away from the person they love, but maybe a career or personal goals have created some major distance.

It doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship. There are things that a couple can do that will help increase their chances of maintaining a long distance relationship.

5 Tips to Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

  1. Talk or communicate everyday: This is extremely important to a long distance relationship’s survival over the short and long term. By talking or communicating everyday with your partner, it lets them know how important they are to you. It also helps ease fears of infidelity and separation.

  3. Priorities: The relationship must be priority number one. If one party in the relationship feels like something else is taking precedence over them, this will only breed jealousy, and everybody knows jealousy will ruin a relationship faster than just about any other emotion. Both parties are responsible for making the relationship number one in their lives. If this is done, there shouldn’t be a problem in maintaining a long distance relationship.

  5. Have something to look forward to: Know the exact date and time you will see your significant other. It may be a month or it may be a year, but knowing that moment is coming will help you and your partner get through the tough times. Just think of it as delayed gratification.

  7. Trust: The foundation of any relationship. Trust is extremely important in any relationship, but it becomes absolutely paramount when it comes to maintaining a long distance relationship. If you can’t trust your partner or your partner can’t trust you, it is just a matter of time before someone cheats, or someone gets jealous and accuses the other of cheating. This mistrust and jealousy is a poison, and usually spells the beginning of the end for just about any relationship whether it is long distance or not.

  9. Make plans for after your reunion: The feeling you get when you can finally hold each other close after a long period of time is priceless and indescribable, but even more important are the first couple of hours after that moment. Whether it is a nice dinner out or just spending all day in the bedroom, making plans can ease the anxiety and clear the air during that emotionally charged time.

Following these five steps will only get you so far in maintaining a long distance relationship. There has to be a willingness from both partners to push through the distance and loneliness.

When times get tough and you really think your relationship isn’t going to make it, take a step back and put things in perspective, and most importantly, let your significant other know how much you love them.

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship Through Skype Dating

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship Through Skype Dating

Couples who are into a serious commitment may suddenly find themselves in tight situations due to certain changes in their circumstances and unforeseen events. They may be separated from each other due to recent developments such as extended business trips and assignments, advanced learning or training, deployment to war-torn areas, etc.

While long distance relationships bring about a wide range of complications and challenges, couples can adopt various techniques to cope with such extended physical separations. You can compensate for the absence of physical contact by channeling your time and energy into aspects of the relationship that help to maintain a fair level of intimacy, trust and confidence.

Now, this should not be a major challenge as you can rely on advanced technology to achieve your objectives. For instance, Skype dating presents a lot of opportunities so you can be able to cope with the extended physical separation from your partner or spouse.

Skype Dating Essentials

However, you have to be conscious of the caveats of Skype dating and other similar “online engagements.” Internet-based engagements lack the necessary follow-through when it comes to non-verbal forms of communication.

This means there is a strong chance messages may be misinterpreted or even create some doubts. This is the reason you should learn how to effectively practice Skype dating to get ahead with your long distance relationship.

To obtain the desired results from Skype dating, it is important you know how to harness the full potential of this technology. Couples carrying on long distance relationships normally use Skype for practical reasons.

Key Features of Skype

This free voice and video chat online facility is seen as a practical alternative to the expensive international phone call service. The key features of Skype include the following:

  • Free calls via Skype-to-Skype setup
  • Video conferencing
  • File sharing and instant messages
  • Low cost voice calls to land-based and mobile phones

Keep The Flame Burning in Your LDR With Skype Dating

Given the benefits you can obtain through Skype dating, long distance relationship shouldn’t be such a fearsome thing for couples. While the hopeless romantics would adamantly stick to the old-reliable love letter, sometimes things can get more exciting if you “do” things through Skype.

Your relationship will endure the long drawn separation if you keep your focus on maintaining trust, confidence and intimacy in your relationship. The distance should not be a reason for a couple to drift away from each other.

You can use Skype dating to achieve a meaningful and enduring connection with your partner or spouse. Keep your partner or spouse as part of your daily routine. Let them feel such online engagements are important to you. It is only when you are able to reassure them of your commitment that you will prevent jealousy and mistrust from ruining your relationship.

You must always reinforce their confidence and trust in you so they remain in their comfort zone. Keep on dispelling those day-to-day doubts through Skype dating. Come up with surprises and creative ideas to make each of your encounters more interesting than the last one. Remember, keep the fire burning to survive a long distance relationship.

How Do You Handle a Military Long Distance Relationship?

How Do You Handle a Military Long Distance Relationship?

There is no such thing as an easy long distance relationship, and a military long distance relationship is even tougher. Not only do you have to deal with not seeing your partner regularly, if your partner is away for military service you have the constant worry of your partner being in danger.

On a positive side, a military relationship means you have light at the end of the tunnel, eventually your partner is going to be coming home. Surviving a military long distance relationship requires a lot of hard work, particularly from the partner who is at home. You will have to stay upbeat even if you’re missing your partner.

Always tell your partner you are OK even if you’re feeling down. It is difficult but your partner has enough stress serving the country without having your distress on their mind. Of course if there is a critical problem talk about it, but if you’re just down do your best to keep it to yourself.

Join LDR support groups, there are many for those who have partners in the military. This is going to be your best place for meeting like minded people, who knows you might find some new friends and new hobbies to take your mind off missing your loved one.

Keep account of what you do daily. If you have children keep account of what they do too. Your partner is going to want to be kept up to speed when you talk.

Communication is key to any LDR relationship succeeding. Many military installations allow service men and women to call home for free, you should do so whenever you can. Alternative communication methods such as e-mail and instant messenger are also good, the webcam will enable you to see one another. Never ever forget a hand written letter once in a while, it adds a personal touch.

When in a military relationship, always remember that your partner is coming home and when they do come back to visit, make the most of your time together. Dedicate your time to each other and the family and do everything you can before your partner heads back out to serve. After all, if you’re not making the most of your time together you will probably have doubts if it’s all worth it.

Never forget why you made the decision to stay together in the first place. Your partner is a great person for serving your country and protection the lives of you, your family and everyone else. Your partner is worth the effort. The life that you always wanted together is in the horizon.

Extended Date Ideas You Can Try

Extended Date Ideas You Can Try

You have that special date going on and you just do not want to end the day. There are many extended date ideas that you can do and they don’t need to be expensive. Some of the ideas below do not need extra money for you to have extra fun.

Extend your dates and you are sure to get the best out of your day or night without burning your pocket. Here are some great extended date ideas…

Movie marathon

You just went out on a movie date and you want to watch more movies. Instead of buying more tickets and spend more money, why not go home and stack up DVD’s along with some popcorn and have a movie marathon.

Sweet love stories or romantic comedies are some of the best ones to watch with a date. Plus bringing your date home means that you’re on the “I am comfortable with you” level.

Have coffee or dessert

Having a coffee or going to a different restaurant for dessert is a great extended date idea. After having the real date, you can just go out and unwind with a cup of coffee or end the night on a “sweet” note. This way, you have a more casual setting and the ambiance is just great to have the usual small talk.

Take your date to a party

If you are thinking of an extended date, you can ask your date to come with you to your cousin’s birthday or a get together with your friends. Take your date to a party and she is sure to enjoy the company. Plus, this extended date idea is something out of the ordinary because she’ll get to talk to people who know you even better than she does.

Quiet time all alone

You can spend some quiet time alone. Take a walk in a nearby park and just talk about anything. You can do some star gazing at night and point out what you see in the stars – whether it’s the Big Dipper, Orion or just some odd little man smoking a pipe.

Art date

If your date is the artsy type, you might want to walk her down to the art gallery after dinner. Here, you can listen as she talks about her passion.

If your date is fond of architecture you can go visit an old museum or ancient church nearby that shows off impressive architectural designs.

Play sports, in person or at an arcade

If you went out for brunch or on a lunch date and you still have time for some action, you can go together and take a gym class or play your favorite sports together.

You can have a good game of basketball or volleyball. You can also go bowling or play golf, or whatever sports you want to play, whether in real life or on a video screen!

Tips on Making Long Distance Relationships Better

Tips on Making Your Long Distance Relationship Better

Long distance relationships can work! It just takes a little effort and a lot of creativity to keep the passion burning everyday. How to make your long distance relationship better? Below are some quick tips on how to make your long distance relationship better.

Long Distance Relationship Tips:

Plan the future

For a long distance relationship to work, you should know the direction you’re heading. Know what you want to accomplish, create goals and have a time frame for them. The objective here is not to add pressure to the relationship but add to its growth.

Visit each other regularly

If you cannot go to your partner’s place, you can meet halfway. See each other regularly. If budget hinders you from visiting, save up and schedule your meet up at least once or twice a year. Make these meetings extra special and memorable, something she will keep in her heart until she heads back home.

Chat and call often

Use the power of modern technology. Use your phone and the Internet to communicate with each other. Send sweet notes over the internet or talk to each other via web cam. It is also fun to try a phone date or a web cam date, especially on your anniversary or other special occasions.

Spend some time alone

It is not everyday that you need to send mushy stuff to each other. Both of you need a time off from each other to test your relationship and to know where your partnership stands. After spending time alone, you will eventually miss each other more passionately and love will become more intense.

Write intimate letters

If you cannot pour your heart out over the phone, do it by letters. You can send an e-mail or a snail mail. Be extensive and say what your heart is feeling. Totally open yourself up and be honest with what you feel. Deeper communication means a closer bond between you and your loved one.

Build trust

Jealousy is something you may need to work hard to avoid. This is the one big threat most long distance relationships have to go through. Jealousy brings out distrust and insecurities. Gain your partner’s trust and make sure you deserve to have it. Assure her you will do your best to keep the relationship strong and make sure she knows your eyes will never look at some other woman.

Avoid complications

If you want a better relationship, avoid sticky and dangerous situations. This means you don’t date or go out with the opposite sex, not even for an innocent cup of coffee. Say no to wild parties or other social gatherings that can be the cause of arguments. Keep away from distractions that can take your feelings away from your each other.

Keep the faith

If there are people telling you your long distance relationship will never work- do not give in. Keep the faith and believe in your love for one another. Absence is one thing but genuine love for each other always stays around no matter how far apart you may be.

Long Distance Romantic Gifts And Gestures

Long Distance Romantic Gifts and Gestures

Long distance relationship – does it really work? Time and again we have heard of hearts that are broken because of geographical limitations. But love can move mountains right? LDR does work- it just takes a lot of effort and genuine love to break the barriers of distance.

Communication is the top-most priority in a long distance relationship. You do not want to make your partner feel they are alone. Call often and show you care. Keep your lines always available and make sure you are there for each other.

Here are more long distance relationship gift ideas and romantic gestures that can keep the love burning all the time:

  1. Spend quality time – Even if you are miles apart, you can still spend quality time together. Thanks to mobile phones, anyone can get connected. Spend an hour on the phone and talk like you are not far from each other. Set a phone date to keep things passionately in place. You can do also set a date over the Internet with a web cam, which can really be a lot of fun!

  3. Plan a surprise visit – There is nothing compared to hugging your special someone passionately in person. Even if you can only spend a day or two during your visit, grab that chance. If budget is the issue, make sure that you save up and plan to visit your partner, even if it’s just once a year. This will surely enhance intimacy and serve as a wake up call that you still love each other.

  5. ‘Talking’ love letter – Sending love letters over the mail is very touching. But you can give it a little twist with an audio love letter. Your partner will love to hear your voice and every time she will feel lonely, she will just listen to your ‘talking’ love letter and feel you there. A video love letter can be even better! Use your imagination…

  7. Send something everyday – Send something romantic to your sweetheart everyday. It may be an e-card or a quick note of your love via snail mail. It can also be a loving text message or a love quote that you send to her cell phone. These small tokens of love need not be expensive but it is a regular reminder that your love matters.

  9. Send her favorite food – Whenever you are on the phone with your partner and she signals that she is hungry or misses eating with you, you can call the nearest restaurant at her place and order her favorite food. Pay for it over the phone or via credit card and she will surely be touched by your romantic gesture.

  11. Request a love song – Another way of saying I love you is to request a love song on your favorite radio. You can tell you partner to tune in at a specific time on her favorite radio station and send a request of your theme song along with a quick note of love read by her favorite DJ.

‘I love you’ can be said in a million ways. Be creative and your love will never fade even if you and your partner are thousand miles away.