10 Day Date Ideas

10 Day Date Ideas

People love going out on day dates simply because there is no pressure whatsoever when the sun is still up. A day date is a fun alternative to a romantic, candle-lit dinner that can get most people nervous.

So if you prefer to do this type of date, here are 10 day date ideas you can try:

1. Get high!

Go to the highest point in your area- whether a mountain or a high building. Go there and have a simple picnic. The breathtaking view from above will give you that extra romantic kick you need.

2. Get pampered

If you want a relaxing day with your special someone, you can get a couple’s massage at a nearby spa or saloon. You can also get a facial or manicure. Getting pampered has never been as sweet as this way!

3. Be adventurous

Want to have a day adventure? You can do some stuff together that you haven’t done before. Why not have a hot air balloon ride or do some horseback riding? You can also check out all the wild rides in your nearby amusement park.

4. Back to traditions

You can have a good, old, traditional picnic in a nice park near your place. Don’t forget to bring the wine, fluffy pillows and lots of great tasting food! Make it extra special by cooking (or ordering) your partner’s favorite meal.

5. Learn together

Most couples want to grow together. You can do just that by taking a lesson together. Whether you want to learn how to cook or paint, having someone around you care about can make learning a lot of fun.

6. Dine in luxury

Do you ever want to go in that luxurious restaurant but never have the money for it? Now is the time to splurge! But here’s the twist- split the bill! This makes the date extra unique and fun!

7. Enjoy a quiet time together

Anybody can enjoy a moment of serenity and away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. You can take a boat ride on a nearby lake or rent a paddle boat. Be creative and make a mini cruise out of your date.

8. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is always romantic. Wake up your loved one with a special meal cooked with all your heart and hard work. You can get even more romantic by buying flowers to decorate your breakfast tray and add a quick note of I Love You in a card.

9. Watch movies together

You can either go to a movie theater and watch a new movie or you can stack up some DVDs at home and have a movie marathon of old movies you love with your special someone. Add some great popcorn and you are sure to have a hit!

10. Do something good

Do something good – this time not for yourself but for others. For instance, you can go together and visit a home for the elderly. This can say a lot about your growing relationship. You can also volunteer together on a rescue or medical mission or give whatever help you can give to your local community service.