Long Distance Marriage Tips to Ease the Strain

Long Distance Marriage Tips to Ease the Strain

Marriage is incredibly tough to begin with and if you add the strain of being far apart it seems nearly impossible. Avoiding a long distance marriage is the number one tip when discussing long distance marriage tips.

It really isn’t an ideal situation for either spouse, but sometimes life tosses you a twist and you just have to go with it. A lot of emotions will start to arise when first entering into a long distance marriage; there may be doubt, anger, and even sometimes jealousy.

Thinking logically is the only way of getting past such poisonous emotions. This may be challenging at first, but staying the course really is the only option.

Communication is the key to surviving every marriage, but when it comes to long distance marriage tips this has to be number one. Communicate, communicate, communicate, and when you think that you have communicated enough communicate some more.

Open and constant communication should be a cornerstone in any long distance marriage. This will help calm the fears and anxieties of both spouses in the marriage. Whether it is through web cam or just through text messaging keeping the communication going cannot be stressed enough.

Communication is paramount! Communication also involves listening and sometimes spouses forget that. Listening to your spouse can sometimes get more accomplished than saying a thousand words. Some say that is why you have two ears and ONE mouth. You should listen twice as much as you speak. This is definitely true when it comes to long distance marriages.

All the communication in the world will not keep a long distance marriage from falling apart if both persons are not totally committed to making it work.

If one spouse if isn’t totally committed then it is just a matter of time before the long distance marriage falls apart. Being totally committed includes a lot of different commitments.

Being faithful physically is just one of these. This can prove to be extremely difficult especially if your spouse is gone for a long period of time. Temptation will be there; it is just a question of whether or not the marriage is strong enough to combat that temptation.

Prioritizing the marriage is another extremely important part of total commitment. Missing a scheduled phone call or web cam conversation because of a TV show or coffee date with friends shows that the marriage is not priority number one, and that is the wrong way to go about it. The marriage must be priority number one if it is going to last.

Long distance marriages fall short if there is not true love to back it up. If the husband and wife are not totally in love then distance will surely highlight the weak points almost immediately.

Taking the vow of marriage is nothing to be taken lightly. “Through good times and bad, through sickness and in health”…those words should mean a lot, and distance shouldn’t change that.