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How to Cope With a Long Distance Relationship Successfully

How to Cope With a Long Distance Relationship Successfully

A long distance relationship can be stressful. How do you maintain the feelings and romance? How can the relationship grow? How can you develop and take the relationship to the next level? Answering all of these questions in your mind is very difficult.

The first thing to remember is love itself is never easy. Long distance relationships are even more difficult. If you struggle with trusting your partner then inevitably you will struggle to cope with them being away.

However, if you lack trust in your partner, why are you with them in the first place? Trust is an issue you need to establish, ask yourself, if your partner wants to maintain a long distance relationship with you, why wouldn’t you trust them?

You need to talk to your partner open and honestly about everything you have on your mind. Ensure that both of you promise to be completely honest from the offset and discuss all of the doubts that you have. Agree on certain rules and make sure you both follow through with them, complacency will lead to doubts from one side or another.

Agree that if you have any doubts arise as the relationship progresses that you will discuss them immediately. Both parties should agree on that, if you bottle things up your partner will probably detect that there is something wrong. Denial will hinder the growth of your relationship.

Communicate with each other regularly, at least once every day. Find out what your partner has done on that day. You should always be learning more about your partner each day that passes. If you ever think that it’s going the other way and you don’t feel you know your partner as well as you did the day before, increase communication.

Agree to meet up on a set number of dates every year and do whatever you have to do to stick to it. By setting these dates you will have something to aim for. If you miss the dates then your partner will wonder why, are they aren’t important enough? If you can’t stick to the dates, don’t make them in the first place.

Long distance relationships are difficult to cope with, but it is possible. If you set your goals from the start, always remain honest with each other and make a ton of effort to ensure your partner feels loved and cherished, you’re half way there. Always remember that the person you love is worth making sacrifices for.

Care Packages - Long Distance Relationship Reminders of Your Love

Long Distance Relationship Gifts And Care Packages Are Reminders of Your Love

Long distance relationships are hard, yet rewarding in a sense. The key to staying together when times get rough is to do just that – “stay together”. Whether it’s scheduling phone calls or just taking time out of the day to do something nice for the other, like writing a romantic email or sending a sexy photo.

The little things are what make or break a long distance relationship. Receiving care packages and gifts in a long distance relationship can be like receiving a kiss from your significant other from a long way away.

The little things will help you keep going through rough times, but regardless, there need to be boundaries set. Boundaries aren’t necessarily rules; think of them more as a code by which you should live your life for the other person while you are apart.

You can’t show your love physically so you show that you love that person by staying true to them and only them. This can be an extremely challenging thing to do.

Temptation is always present. Whether you are a hundred miles away or a thousand, there are always going to be people you are physically attracted to; it’s just a fact of life.

This is a major problem for people who are not strong willed. Just remember you are showing your love to the person you love by not caving in to such shallow desires. If you’re in a LDR, open lines of communication are key to overcoming this problem together.

Communicating honestly and openly is the best thing a couple can do when they are far away from each other. The distance will inherently breed mistrust, and with mistrust often comes arguments.

In learning how to cope with a long distance relationship, keep the communication lines open and mistrust has no room to live. If both parties are one hundred percent honest with each other and themselves, any obstacle can be overcome.

Once the boundaries have been drawn both physically and emotionally for the long distance relationship, then the main goal is just to keep it interesting.

This can be done by sending a letter or surprising your loved one with a care package. Long distance relationship gifts and care packages should be filled with things that would remind the person of you and a few of their favorite things.

When they are surprised by the package it will instantly make them smile. Long distance relationship gifts and care packages are just one of the ways to keep it interesting and exciting.

Another way to keep things new and fresh when you are far away is to schedule video chats. This is an amazing asset to long distance relationships that most definitely should be utilized.

Video chats can instantly make you feel like your long distance lover is right in the room with you. Some more risqué couples take it even further, and take that opportunity to relieve their sexual frustrations. Some couples swear by it, and others find it incredibly disgusting.

Regardless, the video chat can be a relationship saver, and should be used as often as possible to keep it fresh and interesting.

Whether it’s establishing boundaries or open lines of communication, remember to keep your long distance relationship interesting with little things such as thoughtful gifts or video chatting. These simple tips will keep your relationship on a smooth path while you are apart.