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Overcome the Challenges of Your First Long Distance Relationship

Overcome the Challenges of Your First Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship can present serious challenges and complications to couples especially for those who are going through the experience for the first time. People who are into a serious commitment and separated for an extended period of time for various reasons should always remember there are other couples who find themselves in the same situation that they are in.

Couples who find themselves in their first long distance relationship need to focus their time and energy in making such relationships work despite the physical separation. Below are several items you need to focus on when faced with the prospect of your first long distance relationship.

First Long Distance Relationship Advice:

Establish a Relevant and Result-Oriented Communication Protocol

Your communication setup becomes the capstone of a strong and resilient relationship that exists across the miles. There are certain limitations to be considered in your effort to maintain a healthy and constructive communication setup with your partner or spouse.

In order to make the engagements with your partner or spouse productive and exciting, you need to get things organized. This means you have to work out a fixed schedule, as phone calls every day may not be a viable option due to various reasons.

You can achieve the main objectives of your communication activities with your partner or spouse as long as you observe the proper communication protocol for your first long distance relationship. This means you need to prepare or set things up before your scheduled conversation with your partner or spouse.

Decide on the talking points during your conversation. It would be appropriate if you can jot down the things you would like to talk about with your partner or spouse. Decide which communication mode is most suitable for you and your partner or spouse. Your range of options includes the phone, online chat, email and snail mail.

Avoid Getting into Serious Tussles across the Miles

Arguments happen in every relationship, whether it is long distance or not. However, these long distance tussles can be irreversibly damaging to those who are in their first long distance relationship.

An effective way of preventing this from happening is by refusing outright to get into serious arguments. Couples have a lower chance of resolving issues when they talk about them over the phone or Internet. Thus, it would be best that you agree with your partner or spouse not to discuss serious issues or problems over the phone or Internet.

Spice Up your Relationship Across the Miles

Let your creative juices flow. Be inventive and adventurous with your long-distance engagements with your partner or spouse. You will be surprised at the “things” that you can achieve with the trappings of modern living.

When deciding on the activities you can do together across the miles, you must remember to address both the physical as well as emotional needs and preferences.

Don’t Let Jealousy Tear You Apart

Mistrust and jealousy are the major humps of a first long distance relationship. You can achieve a fair degree of dedicated connection if you think out of the box and explore your options.

For instance, you can leave the lines open while you are asleep to create a fair sense of connection during such intimate moments. You can fall asleep with the webcam open so that your partner or spouse can watch you.

Tips on Making Long Distance Relationships Better

Tips on Making Your Long Distance Relationship Better

Long distance relationships can work! It just takes a little effort and a lot of creativity to keep the passion burning everyday. How to make your long distance relationship better? Below are some quick tips on how to make your long distance relationship better.

Long Distance Relationship Tips:

Plan the future

For a long distance relationship to work, you should know the direction you’re heading. Know what you want to accomplish, create goals and have a time frame for them. The objective here is not to add pressure to the relationship but add to its growth.

Visit each other regularly

If you cannot go to your partner’s place, you can meet halfway. See each other regularly. If budget hinders you from visiting, save up and schedule your meet up at least once or twice a year. Make these meetings extra special and memorable, something she will keep in her heart until she heads back home.

Chat and call often

Use the power of modern technology. Use your phone and the Internet to communicate with each other. Send sweet notes over the internet or talk to each other via web cam. It is also fun to try a phone date or a web cam date, especially on your anniversary or other special occasions.

Spend some time alone

It is not everyday that you need to send mushy stuff to each other. Both of you need a time off from each other to test your relationship and to know where your partnership stands. After spending time alone, you will eventually miss each other more passionately and love will become more intense.

Write intimate letters

If you cannot pour your heart out over the phone, do it by letters. You can send an e-mail or a snail mail. Be extensive and say what your heart is feeling. Totally open yourself up and be honest with what you feel. Deeper communication means a closer bond between you and your loved one.

Build trust

Jealousy is something you may need to work hard to avoid. This is the one big threat most long distance relationships have to go through. Jealousy brings out distrust and insecurities. Gain your partner’s trust and make sure you deserve to have it. Assure her you will do your best to keep the relationship strong and make sure she knows your eyes will never look at some other woman.

Avoid complications

If you want a better relationship, avoid sticky and dangerous situations. This means you don’t date or go out with the opposite sex, not even for an innocent cup of coffee. Say no to wild parties or other social gatherings that can be the cause of arguments. Keep away from distractions that can take your feelings away from your each other.

Keep the faith

If there are people telling you your long distance relationship will never work- do not give in. Keep the faith and believe in your love for one another. Absence is one thing but genuine love for each other always stays around no matter how far apart you may be.

LDR Advice

5 Successful Long Distance Love Tips

The good news is you found the person you love; the bad news is they live a long distance away from you. Your aim is to keep the love alive. The following article suggests 5 successful long distance love tips.

1. Set the goals for your relationship

As soon as you decide to get into a relationship with someone who lives a long distance away or continue a relationship with someone who is moving a long distance away, you should initially set your goals for the relationship.

Decide where you both want the relationship to go. Are you going to live together at some point in the future and if so, when and where? You have to genuinely agree on your goals and make them happen; a long distance relationship will be far easier if both partners are working towards a common goal.

2. Do whatever you have to do to make your partner happy

Lets face it, in a long distance relationship there are times when you’re going to feel down, lost and unloved. If your partner feels the same way, do whatever you can to make them happy again.

If it means an extra telephone call every day then do it. Long distance relationships are all about give and take and you should both be willing to give to keep each other satisfied.

3. Communicate daily

Ultimately you will have to decide on some sort of communication pattern when you’re setting your goals for the relationship. Usually one of you will be content with less communication than the other, but ultimately you will have to reach a decision. You should however decide on a minimum communication level of at least once daily. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a call everyday, a text message or e-mail will suffice.

4. Be romantic

When you’re in love you should be romancing your partner. Just because you’re communicating digitally doesn’t mean that the relationship has to become mechanical. Defy the distance and just do whatever you can to be romantic. Send small gifts, send love messages, sing to your partner or whatever. How you go about it is up to you. But you’re a couple, so romance should never be put on the back burner, distance or not.

5. Tell your partner ‘I Love You

There is no better feeling than when your loved one tells you they love you. So never forget to tell your partner you love them. Let’s face it, a long distance relationship isn’t easy and the only reason you’re doing it is because of love. Telling your partner that you love them will remind them that it’s all worth it.