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LDR military

Are You Seeking Military Long Distance Relationship Advice?

Military couples go through an unrecognized heartache that few can relate to. When a loved one leaves for war there really is no telling if he or she will ever come home, and the last thing they should be worrying about is whether or not their spouse or loved one will stick by their side.

Military long distance relationship advice is sought by many and followed by few. Far too many “Dear John” letters are sent and received everyday by active military personnel on the battlefield. This can cause extreme emotional distress and heartache.

Hope is not lost though; many couples make it through such hard times by following military long distance relationship advice. It may seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t all that challenging with the right help and tools.

Distance in general carries a lot of fear with it. There is an overwhelming sense of dread with the thought of so much separation.

Not to mention longing for affection, getting lonely, or fearing the worst. These are all emotions that distance can trigger. The key is to bridge the gap emotionally; even when it is impossible to be together physically.

Romantic letters can be lifesavers when it comes to long distance relationships. It’s an even better idea to keep each other’s letters so when you hit rough patches you can go back and read the letters again.

It can brighten a cloudy day when you read an old love letter, and for soldiers on the battlefield they are like small nuggets of gold from home. A surprise love letter can boost a soldier’s morale from down in the dumps to “OOOOOO-RAAH” READY to GO.

The military long distance relationship advice wouldn’t be complete without mentioning video chatting. Video chatting can bring two people together into the same room – who are on opposite sides of the globe, and nowadays most warzone bases do have at least one video chat enabled computer available to the soldiers.

Many long distance military relationships swear by video chatting as a means of comfort as well as ordinary communication.

The added fear of death and ultimate separation is something only other military spouses can relate to. This is exactly why it is a great idea to start forming a support group; people who can relate to the situation your relationship is in, and help you cope. In good times as well as tough times it’s wonderful to have a support group there to help you get through the distance and the stress.

Long distance relationships are hard to begin with, but when you start talking about military long distance relationships they are in a whole league of their own. The hardships that military couples have to endure for each other are amazing to say the least. From the outside it seems impossible. It may seem like an impossible task at times, but it is doable when you follow the correct military long distance relationship advice and apply it correctly.

Long distance love

Is it Possible to Have a Successful Long Distance Romance?

Hundreds of thousands of people are participating in long distance dating and marriages…and many long distance relationships are successful. However, is it possible to have a long distance romance?

It may seem difficult to be romantic if you’re thousands of miles away from your partner, but in actual fact there are several ways of maintaining a romantic relationship, even if you’re miles apart from each other.

Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean romance has to be dead. Long distance love and romance can have the same ingredients as any other relationship, you just have to communicate your affections in different ways.

So just how exactly do you keep that romance burning? Pretty much the same way as you would if you lived together. Send a sexy photo of yourself to your partner, and if they reply with a sexy photo of their own, be complimentary and flirtatious.

Do the same if you see them on webcam, just because you’re using technology to communicate it doesn’t mean you can’t be natural in your actions.

Chances are you’re going to be communicating with each other both over the phone and in writing. Writing a love message to your partner everyday is a nice touch. Tell your partner how much you’re missing them and why you want to see them or just about anything that will make them feel good.

If you’re creative, write a poem or draw a picture, and including personal messages will have additional value. Mention often the good times from previous meetings and if you have some, send old photos of the two of you together. Try to always be creative, and think of something new to say everyday that passes.

Surprises are the key to any romance. Surprise your partner with gifts. Gifts don’t have to always be expensive; small personal gifts that you’ve thought long and hard about will be really appreciated.

When it comes to being romantic, it really is the thought, rather than the value, that counts. Surprise your partner with a visit if you can, or the ultimate surprise, a visit and a gift.

Create an agenda for every telephone call you make, after all, there is nothing worse than spending time in awkward silence.
Call when a romantic movie is scheduled on TV and watch it together. Set times to have a date over the phone where you’ll watch a movie or a TV show.

Even playing a game together online can be romantic; just play while you’re both on the webcam if you want to spice it up a little bit.

Romance is far from dead in a long distance relationship. Just be yourself and use the tools at your disposal and you can easily be just as romantic as anyone else.

Overcome the Challenges of Your First Long Distance Relationship

Overcome the Challenges of Your First Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship can present serious challenges and complications to couples especially for those who are going through the experience for the first time. People who are into a serious commitment and separated for an extended period of time for various reasons should always remember there are other couples who find themselves in the same situation that they are in.

Couples who find themselves in their first long distance relationship need to focus their time and energy in making such relationships work despite the physical separation. Below are several items you need to focus on when faced with the prospect of your first long distance relationship.

First Long Distance Relationship Advice:

Establish a Relevant and Result-Oriented Communication Protocol

Your communication setup becomes the capstone of a strong and resilient relationship that exists across the miles. There are certain limitations to be considered in your effort to maintain a healthy and constructive communication setup with your partner or spouse.

In order to make the engagements with your partner or spouse productive and exciting, you need to get things organized. This means you have to work out a fixed schedule, as phone calls every day may not be a viable option due to various reasons.

You can achieve the main objectives of your communication activities with your partner or spouse as long as you observe the proper communication protocol for your first long distance relationship. This means you need to prepare or set things up before your scheduled conversation with your partner or spouse.

Decide on the talking points during your conversation. It would be appropriate if you can jot down the things you would like to talk about with your partner or spouse. Decide which communication mode is most suitable for you and your partner or spouse. Your range of options includes the phone, online chat, email and snail mail.

Avoid Getting into Serious Tussles across the Miles

Arguments happen in every relationship, whether it is long distance or not. However, these long distance tussles can be irreversibly damaging to those who are in their first long distance relationship.

An effective way of preventing this from happening is by refusing outright to get into serious arguments. Couples have a lower chance of resolving issues when they talk about them over the phone or Internet. Thus, it would be best that you agree with your partner or spouse not to discuss serious issues or problems over the phone or Internet.

Spice Up your Relationship Across the Miles

Let your creative juices flow. Be inventive and adventurous with your long-distance engagements with your partner or spouse. You will be surprised at the “things” that you can achieve with the trappings of modern living.

When deciding on the activities you can do together across the miles, you must remember to address both the physical as well as emotional needs and preferences.

Don’t Let Jealousy Tear You Apart

Mistrust and jealousy are the major humps of a first long distance relationship. You can achieve a fair degree of dedicated connection if you think out of the box and explore your options.

For instance, you can leave the lines open while you are asleep to create a fair sense of connection during such intimate moments. You can fall asleep with the webcam open so that your partner or spouse can watch you.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

4 Critical Points to Consider For Effective International Dating

Long distance relationships are never easy and international dating is not as simple as some of us would like to believe. Despite our efforts to make it work, there are simply a lot of variables that are not completely in our control. There is no question about it – modern societies have relentlessly pushed the boundaries of our interactions and are now moving towards multiculturalism.

Globalization has effectively seeped into the various aspects of modern living and this event has forced us to take a global perspective in most of the things we do. Relationships and interactions have gone international and modern technology has given us a lot of opportunities to explore such kind of relationships under conditions that were not possible before.

That being said, you have to remember that there are no fast rules when it comes to international relationships and international dating. Still, there are certain things that you need to observe if you want to make the most out of your engagements with someone living in the other side of the globe.

Long Distance Relationship Advice For Effective International Dating

It is Not All About Love

Perish the notion that love alone can make a relationship. There are still a lot of variables that come into play as well as intangibles that must be considered to ensure that the relationship survives the test of time. Your relationship must be anchored in your commitment to make it work and grow. You need to nurture it and exert time and energy to show to your partner the true value of your relationship.

This mindset defines how you should approach international dating. The activities and engagements that you have are neither about you nor your partner. It is about your unique relationship and how such activities can make you and your partner better persons.

Keep an Open Mind

When you engage in international dating, it is important that you keep an open mind. You should think out of the box and consider options that would be appropriate for you and your partner. You have to be sensitive about cultural issues as well as the circumstances of your partner.

Your mindset should go beyond the background of your partner and consider unique perspectives and approaches which may not be within the range of your usual preferences.

Most of these things have to be learned and internalized and you may have to consider some major changes in your lifestyle. For instance, you should expect some changes in your diet. You may have to let go of your usual bread-and-cheese morning fare and integrate rice and fish into your diet.

Learn the Culture of Your Partner

You will have a hard time understanding and appreciating your partner if you don’t make the conscious effort to learn about their culture. One great way to start an international relationship is by sharing ideas and information about your own culture and rich history.

Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide - All You Need to Know!

Long Distance Relationship Guide For Surviving Your Time Apart – All You Need to Know!

The first thing that needs to be addressed even before getting into the actions required to sustain a long distance relationship is the emotions that will arise during the initial phase of separation.

Loneliness – Loneliness is an emotion that is bound to occur during the beginning of your time apart from your significant other. The bad news is that being lonely can sometimes lead to the temptation to become unfaithful. The good news is loneliness can be easily cured with constant and fresh communication with your partner in the relationship.

Mistrust – Mistrust is a poison. It can easily come about when there are extended gaps in time when you haven’t spoken with your lover. It is paramount to keep this mistrust at bay by staying honest with your partner.

Now that the basic emotions of loneliness and mistrust have been addressed it is now time to look over the things that every couple can do to increase their chances of forging ahead through the stress of distance.

Long Distance Relationship Guide For Surviving Your Time Apart


  1. The most important thing above all is honesty! Honesty is paramount in any relationship, but it is especially important when it comes to long distance relationships. Staying open and honest with your significant other will save both parties a ton of heartache and emotional stress. It may be hard sometimes to stay honest with your partner, but you must be, even if it is hurtful.

  3. Communicate with each other on a DAILY basis. Many other long distance relationship guides may say that speaking on a daily basis can ruin a long distance relationship, but that type of advice is outdated. Nowadays everyone has a cell phone and an email account. Just because you communicate everyday no longer means long drawn out phone conversations. You should mix up your LDR with emails, letters, or even video chats.

  5. Surprises!!! Fill your long distance loved one’s day with little twinkles of light. There is nothing that brightens up your partner’s day more than receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers or a care package with their favorite things. Keep it fresh. Keep it exciting with little surprises spread evenly throughout your time apart.

  7. Get on the same page. Whether it takes sharing a copy of these long distance relationship advice and tips to your lover, or just sitting down and hashing it out; you have to get on the same page. This will allow both parties to be involved when setting boundaries. Boundaries help keep the whole relationship going smooth during long periods apart.

Just reading this long distance relationship guide has better equipped your relationship with the tools you need to survive the time apart. Address the initial emotions, stay honest with each other, communicate on a daily basis, surprise your partner, and most importantly sit down and make sure you and your lover are on the same page.

Follow those steps and your LDR should thrive.