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Long Distance Relationship Guide

Long Distance Relationship Guide to Love

Maybe you met on the internet or one of you is getting deployed overseas for awhile. Regardless of why you are away from your significant other, distance can be a deal breaker.

It’s estimated that the average long distance relationship lasts about two weeks even with the help of a long distance relationship guide.

It’s a tough fact to face but distance and separation can bring up a lot of bad emotions and comes with its share of temptations. However, there are things that every couple can do to increase their long distance relationship love chances.

The basis of all relationships is trust, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that trust is the number one most important thing when it comes to long distance relationships. Without trust there is no foundation for the relationship to grow on.

Mistrust can also breed other emotions such as jealousy and doubt and once those two emotions become involved it is just a matter of time before the relationship crumbles. On the other hand, if trust is present in a relationship then it can grow to be strong and healthy.

Trust comes hand in hand with honesty. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to any relationship, but especially to long distance relationships.

If both partners are one hundred percent honest then the level of stress involved with the distance will diminish, and the time apart will feel like minutes. Keep it honest and straightforward and you won’t run into an obstacle you can’t overcome.

Keeping it fresh and new is just as important as keeping things one hundred percent honest. Send care packages or schedule some “fun” time on the video chat. These little things will brighten up your loved ones day and put your relationship instantly at priority number one. Keep it interesting and fresh and you can’t go wrong.

Talk about the future with your lover as often as possible. It’s easy to run out of happy times to talk about in the past so looking forward is your best bet. Everyone needs something to look forward to when they are lonely and feeling blue.

Start making plans for when you are reunited; talk about the things you enjoy doing as a couple. It’s always comforting to have good times to look forward to when you are feeling neglected.

There really is no long distance relationship manual. A long distance relationship guide isn’t a one size fits all kind of a deal. You must gather as much advice and tools as possible and choose the ones that will best benefit your relationship and your situation.

You can get all the advice and tools you want and you still may fail in your efforts. It really depends on whether or not both people in the relationship are willing to put forth the effort necessary to counteract the stress created by the distance.

Your long distance love will be tested. Your will will be tested and your bond may bend, but if you can stay strong and fight through it, you will eventually hold your loved one in your arms once again.

Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide - All You Need to Know!

Long Distance Relationship Guide For Surviving Your Time Apart – All You Need to Know!

The first thing that needs to be addressed even before getting into the actions required to sustain a long distance relationship is the emotions that will arise during the initial phase of separation.

Loneliness – Loneliness is an emotion that is bound to occur during the beginning of your time apart from your significant other. The bad news is that being lonely can sometimes lead to the temptation to become unfaithful. The good news is loneliness can be easily cured with constant and fresh communication with your partner in the relationship.

Mistrust – Mistrust is a poison. It can easily come about when there are extended gaps in time when you haven’t spoken with your lover. It is paramount to keep this mistrust at bay by staying honest with your partner.

Now that the basic emotions of loneliness and mistrust have been addressed it is now time to look over the things that every couple can do to increase their chances of forging ahead through the stress of distance.

Long Distance Relationship Guide For Surviving Your Time Apart


  1. The most important thing above all is honesty! Honesty is paramount in any relationship, but it is especially important when it comes to long distance relationships. Staying open and honest with your significant other will save both parties a ton of heartache and emotional stress. It may be hard sometimes to stay honest with your partner, but you must be, even if it is hurtful.

  3. Communicate with each other on a DAILY basis. Many other long distance relationship guides may say that speaking on a daily basis can ruin a long distance relationship, but that type of advice is outdated. Nowadays everyone has a cell phone and an email account. Just because you communicate everyday no longer means long drawn out phone conversations. You should mix up your LDR with emails, letters, or even video chats.

  5. Surprises!!! Fill your long distance loved one’s day with little twinkles of light. There is nothing that brightens up your partner’s day more than receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers or a care package with their favorite things. Keep it fresh. Keep it exciting with little surprises spread evenly throughout your time apart.

  7. Get on the same page. Whether it takes sharing a copy of these long distance relationship advice and tips to your lover, or just sitting down and hashing it out; you have to get on the same page. This will allow both parties to be involved when setting boundaries. Boundaries help keep the whole relationship going smooth during long periods apart.

Just reading this long distance relationship guide has better equipped your relationship with the tools you need to survive the time apart. Address the initial emotions, stay honest with each other, communicate on a daily basis, surprise your partner, and most importantly sit down and make sure you and your lover are on the same page.

Follow those steps and your LDR should thrive.

How to make a long distance relationship work

What is the Real Key to a Romantic Long Distance Relationship?

When you think about a long distance relationship, romance is probably one of the last things that comes to mind. Your first thoughts about long distance relationships are more likely to be about the frequency of communication, the frequency of meet ups and how to maintain your partners interest in the time that you’re spending apart. Maintaining a romantic spark isn’t likely to be high on your agenda.

This article has been put together to act as a long distance romance guide; after all, just because you spend time physically apart doesn’t at all mean that romance should be dead. In actual fact, a romantic long distance relationship can not only maintain your partners interest but also heighten the excitement when face to face meetings are coming around.

There really is no reason why distance should halt your romance. For the shy person, the distance may actually make it easier for you to express yourself. In long distance relationships it’s almost certain that you’re going to engage in written correspondence, letters, e-mail or postcards.

The distance gives you perfect opportunity to write love letters to your partner. If you’re not creative don’t worry, a love letter doesn’t have to be flamboyant poetry or anything like that, just a simple written note that displays affection will suffice. Just say what you feel, if you have to swallow your pride to do so, swallow it.

Remember it doesn’t have to be your partner’s birthday to send a gift. When in a LDR send gifts whenever you feel like it, and the gift doesn’t always have to be flowers either. Something personalized to your partners taste will let them know that you’ve been thinking about them. Sending pictures is always nice and personal too, never forget to compliment when you get one in return.

Don’t forget that you don’t always have to be physically together to do something together. If you lived together you’d probably do things like watch TV and movies together. Why not watch a movie together on the phone or when you’re chatting Online? Just sharing the experience can be quite romantic.

The highlight of any long distance relationship is the visit to see your partner in person. You’re obviously going to try and visit as often as possible.

If you want to achieve a romantic long distance relationship why not consider surprising your partner by turning up unannounced? What better way to excite your partner than turning up when they are not expecting you? A nice added touch is to bring a gift with you.