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How Do You Handle a Military Long Distance Relationship?

How Do You Handle a Military Long Distance Relationship?

There is no such thing as an easy long distance relationship, and a military long distance relationship is even tougher. Not only do you have to deal with not seeing your partner regularly, if your partner is away for military service you have the constant worry of your partner being in danger.

On a positive side, a military relationship means you have light at the end of the tunnel, eventually your partner is going to be coming home. Surviving a military long distance relationship requires a lot of hard work, particularly from the partner who is at home. You will have to stay upbeat even if you’re missing your partner.

Always tell your partner you are OK even if you’re feeling down. It is difficult but your partner has enough stress serving the country without having your distress on their mind. Of course if there is a critical problem talk about it, but if you’re just down do your best to keep it to yourself.

Join LDR support groups, there are many for those who have partners in the military. This is going to be your best place for meeting like minded people, who knows you might find some new friends and new hobbies to take your mind off missing your loved one.

Keep account of what you do daily. If you have children keep account of what they do too. Your partner is going to want to be kept up to speed when you talk.

Communication is key to any LDR relationship succeeding. Many military installations allow service men and women to call home for free, you should do so whenever you can. Alternative communication methods such as e-mail and instant messenger are also good, the webcam will enable you to see one another. Never ever forget a hand written letter once in a while, it adds a personal touch.

When in a military relationship, always remember that your partner is coming home and when they do come back to visit, make the most of your time together. Dedicate your time to each other and the family and do everything you can before your partner heads back out to serve. After all, if you’re not making the most of your time together you will probably have doubts if it’s all worth it.

Never forget why you made the decision to stay together in the first place. Your partner is a great person for serving your country and protection the lives of you, your family and everyone else. Your partner is worth the effort. The life that you always wanted together is in the horizon.

Are You Dealing With Separation in a Military Relationship?

Are You Dealing With Separation in a Military Relationship?

Dealing with separation in a military relationship is not as easy as it may seem, especially if it is the first time being apart. Separation in a military relationship can be dealt with using most of the same guidelines and tools you would use for a regular long distance relationship.

The most important thing above all else is that there must be open and honest communication between both parties. This should cover everything from how they are feeling emotionally to how they are coping with the sexual frustration that is ever present in long distance relationships.

This can help relieve fears in both lovers’ minds and bring the overall stress level of the relationship down. The distance will nurture many fears: fear of separation, fear of loneliness, and in military relationships the fear of a loved one not returning is ever present, so communication is key to keeping a healthy and “fearless” relationship.

After open and honest communication has been established, it’s time to start doing everything possible to brighten each other’s day. Brightening a significant other’s day from so far away is an easier task than you might think.

It can be as easy as writing a long letter or even sending a care package with favorite things. These small things are significant when dealing with separation in a military relationship.

The key is the element of surprise; everyone loves surprises especially when they are feeling lonely. Not to mention the morale boost it can give a soldier when hearing from home when not expecting to.

The little things that make each other smile and brighten a lonely day are moments that are not easily forgotten. Both persons in the relationship should strive to brighten each other’s day in some way every day. This will keep the relationship going through rough and rocky patches.

Surprises are amazing and can really help in rough times, but scheduled and constant communication can bring comfort as well. When the communication is scheduled, it helps both parties have something to look forward to. It also puts both parties at ease each knowing the other is safe and sound.

An obvious problem in scheduled communication when dealing with separation in a military relationship is that sometimes battles and missions aren’t exactly scheduled.

This can cause the military member to miss a scheduled communication and in turn cause their significant other extreme anxiety about their lover’s whereabouts and condition. This anxiety is heavily outweighed by the comfort that scheduled communication can bring on an everyday basis.

Dealing with separation in a military relationship is a unique challenge, but it can be done. Although it is unique, it can be dealt with by using the tried and true techniques of civilian long distance relationships.