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How To Write A Truly Romantic Love Letter

How To Write A Truly Romantic Love Letter

It can make anyone’s heart skip a beat or two when reading love letters. You can send your loved one a romantic love letter if you feel like opening up your heart to your partner or when you are going rough times. Whatever reasons you have when writing love letters, here are some quick guidelines you can go by:

Looks matter – Presentation is everything. You don’t write your love letter on some crappy legal pad paper. Buy some beautiful stationary with soft colors and use a black pen to write on it. Write the letter manually with your own handwriting; you do not want your love letter to look like a business report.

Create the perfect ambiance – Before writing your love letter, set yourself in the mood. Find a quiet place where you can cry your heart out without being conscious of the people around you. Simulate a serene and romantic atmosphere.

Starting the letter – You can begin your love letter by writing the date including the month, year, and day so that it can be a keepsake worth treasuring. Just imagine keeping a love letter that is five decades old. Choose a loving salutation yet informal. Try using “My dearest Kara” or something along those lines.

Body of the letter – You can start off by stating why you are writing a love letter for her. For example, you can say “I can’t sleep tonight, no matter how much I try. I have this overwhelming feeling inside me that I want you to know about. I think I am beginning to truly realize how much I really love you…”

Continue with the rest of the letter telling your loved one how you fell in love with her. Do not go too casual, stay on a serious tone but never erotic.

For example, you can talk about the first time you met her and the first time you realized you loved her. Explain how she changed your life and how it pains you when you are far apart. Talk about the things you have in common as well as how your differences make you accept each other wholeheartedly.

It would be nice to talk about the special moments you spent together and any trials or hardships you went through to keep the relationship strong. Tell her the qualities you like about her that set her apart from anyone you know.

Ending your letter – Close your letter with something romantic like “It’s a nice feeling to finally let you know how I truly feel. I’ll dream with you tonight…” Always end your letter on a positive note. Write your name under something like “With undying passion and love,” or “Forever in love with you”.

Do something special – Add a twist to your romantic letter by adding something special that she will treasure forever as a keepsake. Try stuffing your letter with a dried flower, her favorite teabag, or a gift certificate from her favorite shop or restaurant. These will give you extra points since it will show off your creativity and accentuate your effort to let her know how much you care.